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Marriage and Singleness

February 16-18, 2018

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Marriage and Singleness

In 1 Corinthians 7, Paul explains that God created you for either singleness or marriage. But how do you maximize your singleness or have a marriage that is all God intended? That’s what our 2018 Countryside Conference is all about. If you believe you were made for marriage - whether you are married or not - or are convinced you have the gift of singleness, this conference is designed to equip you to live a full, God-honoring life of devotion to Jesus Christ.

2018 Conference Speakers

Countryside Bible Church is pleased to present this conference free of charge.


Registration is required so that we can anticipate attendance for each session.


If you choose, you can give here to help offset the cost of the conference.

Kids' Program

Our kids' conference program is open to all children 5th grade and under, and will be held during all conference sessions. We will focus our teaching on a biblical view of gender and marriage. The kids program includes Bible lessons, singing, and a variety of age-appropriate games and activities. Free T-shirts for kids to wear throughout the conference will be available on a first come basis.

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Video of each main session will be streamed live here and at Breakout sessions will not be streamed.

  1. Friday, Feb 16
  2. 6:15 pm  |   Lobby


  3. 7:00 pm  |   Worship Center

    Session 1

    Lou Priolo - Relationships 101

  4. 8:15 pm  |   Worship Center

    Session 2

    Lou Priolo - Communication and Conflict

  1. Saturday, Feb 17
  2. 9:00 am  |   Worship Center

    Session 3

    Mike Fabarez - Common Threats to Marriage

  3. 10:45 am  |   Worship Center

    Breakout 1

    Lou Priolo - God's Design for Husbands

  4. 10:45 am  |   Chapel

    Breakout 2

    Sheila Pennington - God's Design for Wives

  5. 10:45 am  |   South Education Building

    Breakout 3

    Jon Anderson - Contentment in Singleness

  1. Sunday, Feb 18
  2. 8:45 am & 10:45 am  |   Worship Center

    Session 4 - Worship Service

    Mike Fabarez - God's Design for Marriage

  3. 8:45 am & 10:45 am  |   South Education Building

    Breakout 4

    Brian Murphy - Maintaining a Healthy Marriage During the Parenting Years

  4. 8:45 am & 10:45 am  |   Chapel

    Breakout 5

    Lou Priolo - A Marriage that Never Grows Cold

  5. 8:45 am & 10:45 am  |   Fellowship Hall

    Breakout 6

    Rocky Wyatt - Preparing for Marriage

  6. 8:45 am & 10:45 am  |   North Education Building

    Breakout 7

    Jon Anderson - Making the Most of Your Singleness