Jon Anderson

Jon has served on the pastoral staff of Grace Immanuel Bible Church since 2005 as Pastor of College and Career Ministries. In 2016, he began serving as Pastor of Grace Life. Jon was born and raised in Kansas and then attended The Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. It was there the Lord converted him from his false assurance of salvation and gave Jon the true desire to pursue pastoral ministry. Jon completed his M.Div. at The Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley, CA. While he was in seminary, Jon attended Grace Community Church and served under Rick Holland as the campus Bible-study leader at the University of Southern California.

Jon desires that those under his care would pursue lives of genuine love for Christ, free from hypocrisy. Jon’s duties extend beyond preaching, counseling, and shepherding to the classroom where he currently teaches New Testament Greek at The Expositors Seminary. Jon met his wife, April, while a student in California and the Lord has blessed them with four boys: Micah, Owen, Miles, and Derek. Jon is also the director of the EKKLESIA Conference, a ministry of Grace Immanuel that seeks to call believers to love and serve the local church.